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  • Client: Public private partnership
  • Sector:  Manufacturing, Software, ICT

In one Germany's leading economic regions, 50 organizations including multinationals, public institutions and research departments have joined forces to form an interdisciplinary Industry 4.0 cluster.

  • The challenge:

    Brought to life through an initiative of the city of Mannheim, the public-private partnership aims to promote Industry 4.0 in the Rhein-Neckar region. Hence, the opinion-leadership of its members on strategic subjects such as artificial intelligence, IoT or robotics has to be aligned under a common tonality and communicated efficiently to the outside. Finding, refining and aligning consensual stances and positions to promote a unified voice and appearance would be one challenge to address, especially in a framework including more than 50 partners. Furthermore, communication channels and tactics would have to be built from scratch and established.

  • Our solution:

    Industry 4.0 is a compound of several technological concepts and thus requiring profound interdisciplinary expertise. Combining this rare skill set with high communication competence, we could win the client's pitch. Side by side with the PPP's executive board, we formulated the network's strategic position on the most important subjects related to Industry 4.0. At the same time, we conducted a strategic framework including audiences, messaging and distribution. In cooperation with our network partner DAUBERMANN, we created an editorial guideline to cluster the manifold of different target groups and to address them individually with tailored contents. This guideline was at the core of a responsive website. Furthermore, we implemented an open-source content management system that would allow the client to familiarize new operators quickly and efficiently with the page administration.

  • Why this case could be relevant to you:

    Modern user behavior asks for brief and comprehensive contents. However, the more complex a subject, the more difficult it gets to achieve this. Carefully thought through user journeys can help to support and reinforce key messages while improving the overall user experience. The right content at the right time–this simple idea is at the center of modern web design yet is it rarely applied in daily business. As experienced web architects, we support you increasing websites or web projects that offer best-practice user experience and conversion rates. Multistakeholder management was the second large aspect of this project. Large-scale projects with many parties involved can hardly be managed efficiently without a dedicated project manager. Our consultants know the requirements and challenges in dealing with complex share constellations or hierarchies.

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