Process optimization and reduction of media disruptions

  • The Challenge

    The client was confronted with the challenge of ensuring client-oriented advice and guaranteeing comparable internal standards at the same time. The claim was that every client should be individually supported potentially by all consultants. Two barriers arose: Knowledge asymmetries on the one hand, because of a lack of efficient and sustainable knowledge management, which was used for standardized procedures as well as for client relationships. On the other hand, media disruptions since various software solutions were used for customer relationship management and customer communication. In this process, different media were used to edit information - often enough, information was lost, slowed down processes and made them dependent on individuals - in a nutshell, the problem.

  • Our Solution

    After an initial documentation of all individual processes as well as external interfaces, our consultants evaluated them - on the one hand in cooperation with our client, on the other hand on the basis of selected key performance indicators. KÖNIGSWEG attached high importance to integrating the client's specific wishes and at the same time being able to guarantee a tailor-made solution. A software architecture was constructed around the client's ERP system which covered a uniform customer relationship management and document management system. These systems were supplemented by a homogeneous knowledge management, in this case an enterprise Wiki. This enabled the client to sustainably ensure and extend the knowledge within the enterprise.

  • Why this case could be relevant for you

    The high number of competitors and large chancelleries generate an immense competition and price pressure on the market for tax consultants, especially for SMEs. An effective process logic is indispensable if a company wants to grow. This builds the fundament to increase the size of the company sustainably, qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Standardized processes and clear responsibilities as well as automation, improve customer management and add significant value. This case also shows a classic dilemma for many companies: The day-to-day business is quite hectic and does not allow existing processes to be expanded or optimized. In the absence of resources, important topics are poorly prepared, and knowledge is lost.

Is there a need in your company to optimize processes, eliminate media discontinuities and introduce sustainable knowledge management?

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