Martin Ruck

Martin Ruck, KÖNIGSWEG

Martin Ruck

Managing Consultant
Communication & Operations

Fields of activity:

  • Internal and External Communication / Data Protection / Public Relations / Public Affairs / Marketing / Business Development / Processes / Project Management / Quality Management / Controlling / Accounting


  • Master’s degree in political science at Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg

For KÖNIGSWEG, Martin Ruck advises in the areas of communication and operations. Before joining the consultancy, he gained valuable and extensive experience in start-ups, a communications agency, a think tank, and companies of various sizes and different spectrums – in communications (political and corporates), corporate development, and management of software projects.

Martin Ruck studied at the universities of Bielefeld, Bordeaux, and Heidelberg. He learned the basics of communication, organization, and structures in political science - in particular, how to quickly and competently familiarize himself with new issues and topics.

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