PyData Global 2020 – Applying Data Science Successfully

PyData Global is one of the world‘s largest conferences in the Data Science and AI community. On November 15, 2020 PyData took place for the first time ever online. KÖNIGSWEG partner Alexander Hendorf was in attendance and held a presentation titled “Better Code for Data Science” where he discussed the factors for success for data science and AI in production.

Effective engineering was the main focus; the successful implementation of data science and AI in production is not only a matter of coding. Communication, technology, ethics, value proposition, and resources all contribute to the factors of success. Python offers multiple way to achieve the required level of quality for a successful implementation. Aside from the writing the code, there are further aspects that must be considered, such as personas, standardization and architecture.

The presentation slides and the official "PyData Global 2020" website can be found here:

Presentation "Better Code for Data Science"
Competence Data & Artificial Intelligence
PyData Global 2020 website