Big Data BBQ 2021

It was that time again on 24 September: Interesting talks on the topic of Big Data and relaxed networking over a delicious BBQ* - KÖNIGSWEG, together with PyData Südwest, NEXT MANNHEIM and our sponsor Python Software Verband invited participants to our annual event involving all topics surrounding data science. The annual Big Data BBQ had to be cancelled last year due to the Covid 19 situation and we were so happy to be able to hold the event in-person this year.

Program 2021:

    Once again, we have managed to put together an excellent program for you. This year we can look forward to talks that offer insights into topics such as biomedicine („Quantization of Deep Learning Solution for Efficient Inference“), geography („Geospatial Analysis for the Smart City“) and legal („Smart Use of Legal NLP“). As usual, the talks were accompanied by great food and drink, lightning talks and the opportunity for socialising and networking.

    • Quantization of deep learning solution for efficient inference | Kim Hee, UMM Medizinische Fakultät Mannheim

      The power consumption of data-center is doubling every year and edge devices like Internet of Things (IoT) are growing rapidly. Quantize deep learning model reduces model size and inference time with little to no loss of model accuracy. Background of the core concepts and some results will be presented during the presentation.

      Kim Hee
      UMM Medizinische Fakultät Mannheim / Biomedizinische Informatik

    • Geospatial Analysis for the Smart City | Prof. Martin Christen, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW

      Geospatial data is data containing a spatial component – describing objects with a reference to the planet's surface. This data usually consists of a spatial component, of various attributes, and sometimes of a time reference (where, what, and when).

      In this talk it is shown how to do spatial queries and routing in a city using open data and how to display the results on a map. We will calculate various routes in Mannheim and retrieve points of interest and interact with them using Python.

      Prof. Martin Christen
      University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW
      EuroPython board member, Vorstand Python Software Verband e.V.

    • Smart Use of Legal NLP | Dr. Benjamin Werthmann, Anwalt RAILS

      Legal NLP is still a popular topic. A one-size-fits-all NLP (Natural Language Processing) solution for the legal domain seems to be a steep challenge. As businesses continue to face increasing complexity and "paperwork", let's explore lessons learned for a smart use of Legal NLP

      Dr. Benjamin Werthmann
      Anwalt RAILS

    • Dask | Florian Jetter, Coiled
    • From Simple to Complicated and Back Again | Simon Pressler, Königsweg
    • Artificial Neural Networks Revolutionise Biological Image Analysis | Lucas-Raphael Müller, EMBL

      EMBL scientists and their collaborators have developed DECODE, a neural network based fitter that accelerates super-resolution microscopy imaging. EMBL website

    • PyData to Build Our Future | Christoph Deil, HeidelbergCement

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