Data & Artificial Intelligence

Not only the business world is amazed by the fantastic opportunities we obtained through data science and artificial intelligence. Both can become amazing revenue drivers when used to enhance business intelligence and decision making. However, the requirements to do so go beyond a mere accumulation of immense data volume. Of particular importance are practical procedures to harmonize unstructured data from a variety of sources. An efficient storage system is not less significant. But the most critical criteria to derive meaningful insights and competitive advantage is to provide your data teams with powerful tools to quickly assess and visualize your data pool. 

Modern data technology spans a multiverse of different application fields. It has become the key driver for sustainable business transformation. Königsweg data scientist help you to exploit this potential for your organization. In the course of the mandate, we tailor highly accurate models–from analysis over simulation to forecasting. Therefore, we deploy some of the most sophisticated methodologies and technologies such as machine learning, deep learning or neural networks. Furthermore, we enable our clients to establish critical know-how within their organizations. Therefore we conduct a series of comprehensive workshop formats focussing on practical skills such as data visualization or interpretation.

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