POS Interface & BiPro Integration

  • Client: Medium-sized insurance company
  • Sector: Finance & Insurance

Our client is one of Germany's most accomplished medium-sized insurers with more than 600 employees and a portfolio spanning most branches of property and casualty insurance.

  • The challenge:

    In the context of growing demand for their product, our client identified an urging need to digitize their sales and distribution channels. The project's ultimate objective is to implement a digital interface for partners and vendors to ease and enhance collaboration. Within this scope, it would be critical to providing process teams with qualified staff and a high-performing development environment. The most critical challenge would be to integrate the new platform while adhering the industry standard for information technology BiPro.

  • Our solution:

    Our rich experience in managing IT transformation was one deciding factor for Königsweg to win the project contract. A particularly striking argument was our ability to swiftly staff competent SOAP and JAVA developers to the project team. Following an in-depth analysis of the legacy structure, our consultants defined roadmaps, KPIs and deliverables corresponding to the overall objective of establishing a POS interface before setting up the JAVA architecture. Simultaneously, hybrid teams formed from the Königsweg partner network assessed the critical points with respect to the BiPro certification. Our team provided the client's workforce with process and workshop sessions to establish the know-how within the organization's structure. The connection between external partners and the client IT was managed conformally to the BiPro standard for information security.

  • Why this case could be relevant to you:

    Quality management, standardization or certification tend to be complex matters spreading over multiple units and requiring precision and rigor. Due to capacity shortages, especially SME often struggle with the simultaneous management of all different aspects involved.
    Are you considering a transformation project but hesitate with respect to a regulatory regime or certification requirements? In Königsweg you will find a reliable partner to tackle these issues and realize your vision. This is including but not limited to projects concerning the BiPro standard featured in this case. Our global partner network allows us to rapidly develop, staff and implement almost any quality management and certification project.