Data Science

Big Data is on everyone's lips, but implementing it in everyday work often poses challenges for entrepreneurs. What are the possible applications in your company? How do you translate your individual business case into a powerful algorithm?

The secure and targeted handling of data is indispensable today to ensure the future viability of companies - this is not just the finding of the usual pollsters. Big Data is booming, whether in sales, product management, IT or corporate management. Sensors provide real-time data in production and enable more efficient resource management. Data-driven marketing enables more targeted campaigns and reduces wastage. Business forecasts, risk models and simulations gain in conciseness and significance with the help of external data.

Feedback mechanisms between manufacturers and users greatly facilitate the optimization of products and services. And this is just a microscopic section of the many possible applications of modern data science methods. Königsweg enables you to use this potential in your company as well. Together with your employees on site, we design, develop and implement powerful applications that create real added value for your everyday work.

The focus of our consulting services depends on your specific needs: from the analysis of existing data or data to be collected, to the programming of dedicated algorithms, the embedding in forecasting models or reporting, to recommendations for action in the area of real-time analytics, machine learning or artificial intelligence.

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