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Expensive licensing costs, a cost-intensive commitment to market-dominant players - at the latest when considering the so-called total cost of ownership, you can no longer ignore the advantages of open source technologies - use the technology-independent approach of Königsweg.

Proprietary software often proves to be a brake on transformation, especially at the process interfaces. Adaptations for highly specific or complex use cases are possible with closed systems to a limited extent at best. And due to the extremely dynamic cybersecurity landscape, open source applications are now also pulling ahead of proprietary competitors in terms of security.

The advantages of open systems and applications over their closed counterparts are therefore becoming increasingly clear in the course of digitization: investment security through freely available source code, individual scalability, and adaptations without great effort. It is therefore not surprising that software development as well as all national and international innovation programs rely on open cooperation and information models.

Königsweg has been moving in the open source area for a long time - with a focus on the programming language Python and the non-SQL database MongoDB. Through the associated community work, we have a lot of project experience, a large network and are part of the community. So you benefit from our excellent access to the community and the experts there.

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