Not only autonomous driving and electromobility, but also the digital transformation of the industry is putting pressure on automotive companies. Königsweg not only helps you to make cars smarter, but also to carry out innovation and transformation processes profitably.

Disruptive technologies and new competitors from the IT sector - the "mobility of the future" is defined by a wide range of components beyond the actual driving. It is not only the current megatrends that are changing the need for IT skills in all areas and departments.

Mobility services, car sharing, mobility platforms, even digital customer contacts - as an automotive company, you are also operating in a data-based ecosystem today. In today's world, you need to analyze customer interests globally and regionally in order to be able to adapt and control products and configuration efficiently and quickly.

In view of global competition, the automotive industry cannot afford to miss out on the digital transformation. Creativity, know-how and a willingness to innovate are required in your company - as is a holistic digital transformation of all areas of the company.

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