Increasing Customer Loyalty Through Predictive Maintenance

  • Client: Developer and manufacturer of special machines for production facilities
  • Sector: Industry & Production

Specialized in the development and manufacture of industrial plants, our client has established itself over time as a leading international supplier. Besides the manufacture and sale of plants, the maintenance and modernization business also have a key role in the company's success.

  • The challenge:

    In the case of our client, the maintenance business was increasingly handled by external service providers. In order to improve customer loyalty, our client decided to offer free analyses and forecasts (predictive maintenance) in return for maintenance contracts. For this purpose, the customer's machine data is recorded and evaluated by our client. A further advantage for our clients - due to the better insight into the condition of the machines - is to be able to optimize their own depot.

  • Our solution:

    In close cooperation with our clients, the existing project team was first evaluated according to strengths and weaknesses. In cooperation with the project team, the architecture for a data pipeline was developed, which is used to process the raw data and make it available for further analyses.
    The project team was constantly trained within the framework of the common work and gaps in both knowledge and experience were closed. KPIs for the machine condition were jointly developed.
    Enabled by the developed data architecture, our client can now efficiently carry out analyses. Further development of forecast models is now also scalable.
    Our specialists have worked closely with our client's domain experts. Programming work was supported and promoted by KÖNIGSWEG and the employees were trained further. An active transfer of knowledge into the company took also place. After completion of the project, our client was able to carry out maintenance and extensions on the data product independently.

  • Why this case could be relevant to you:

    Companies often miss practical knowledge and experience when it comes to the implementation and introduction of new technologies. Especially in the field of data science and software development, it is difficult to find free capacities in one's own company. KÖNIGSWEG empowers your employees by transferring the necessary know-how and supports your company in building and expanding teams or evaluating and qualifying external service providers.

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