Smart Production

Industry 4.0 is more than just investing in IT and machines for pure data processing. Powerful automation technologies represent a major opportunity for the manufacturing industry to translate the digital transformation into concrete business models.

What will the factory of the future look like? Machines are networked, they communicate with each other via the Internet and organize themselves. This includes sub-areas from manufacturing to logistics. The smart factory is the next stage of industrial development under the buzzword Industry 4.0.

In the course of digitalization, manufacturing companies in particular are increasingly relying on automated and intelligent production plants. Virtual commissioning processes enable simulated testing of expansions, modifications or even new setups of entire production plants without restricting ongoing operations. They thus hold enormous economic potential, which can multiply in the future due to the increasing spread of automated plants.

Königsweg is a founding member and part of the board of the network initiative "Smart Production", Germany's only community-driven platform for the digitalization of production. This network unites around 50 innovative start-ups, medium-sized companies, global players and scientific institutions from IT and production to form an innovation cluster in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region that is as powerful as it is effective and is driving digitization in the region. Use the expertise of Königsweg to make your production fit for the future.

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