Reveal the information hidden in your data with the help of AI – We can assist you in uncovering this information and using it to your advantage.

“When Siemens knew, what Siemens knows.”

Heinrich von Piererformer CEO of Siemens AG

Metis was considered the most knowledgeable of the Greek gods and is known for her ingenuity. Metis-AI combines this ingenuity with AI in order to uncover Information hidden within businesses and organizations. The former CEO of Siemens AG put this concept into perspective, saying “When Siemens knew, what Siemens knows”. This is not an uncommon problem, as many businesses are not in the position to identify which knowledge they currently have. Metis-AI is able to solve this problem and create a digital ‘treasure map’ to the hidden information. The current way of searching a text provides an attempted solution to this problem, as long as one knows exactly where the information is, and what already exists. However, when this information is unknown the search returns empty. This is not only inefficient but also decreases company morale.

Your Advantages:

  • Overview of your information: All of your texts and documents will be automatically thematically divided through the use of natural language processing. You can freely define the number of relevant sub-categories as required.
  • Gain detailed insight: Through the allocation of the identified clusters within a subcluster.
  • Quick information extraction: The natural language processing model automatically creates summaries of the texts contained in your data record.
  • Effective research: Every text is ordered through a row of key terms. This not only searches for the entered item, but also for synonyms.

The information revealed through Metis-AI is clearly visualized for the user and accompanied by a user-friendly interface. In addition to these core elements, users are also able to access a further analysis of their data using features such as a sentiment analysis of the corpus or named entity recognition. Beyond these features, it is also possible to add further individual features according to customer requirements, or the ability to flexibly respond to customer-specific file formats.


Provide your employees the opportunity to focus on solutions rather than research and concentration. Eliminate repetitive tasks and repeated documents. Use your knowledge potential optimally and construct a basis for evidence-based decisions.

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