Process Management

Automation solutions are being realized worldwide through digitalized business processes and technological progress. By redesigning and automating their processes, human actions are replicated. This reduces manual efforts and relieves your employees of time-consuming routine tasks. We help you with process recording and automation to ensure that you’re able to focus your activities more intensively on customer service.

Nowadays, process management and process automation have become indispensable along the road to digital transformation. Process automation is widely used to drive the digitalization of the business and replace inefficient processes. By coordinating this with the help of a process engine, it is not only possible to automate human activities (tasks) but also to achieve a higher degree of automation and efficiency for all underlying IT systems by integrating interfaces. Central platforms for process automation ensure that participating IT systems and RPA bots (robot-controlled process automation) can be addressed directly via interfaces and all necessary information can be exchanged digitally from the beginning to the end. In the next step, these RPA bots will be increasingly replaced by API-based interfaces. In this way a real digital transformation in your company is ensured in the long term.

KÖNIGSWEG supports you in analyzing of your business process landscape, defining processes and implementing them in an end-to-end service.
In particular, we accompany you during the following steps:

  • Workshops for the identification of automation potentials
  • Analysis of the process landscape
  • Process mapping and definition
  • Visualization and modeling with different BPMN tools
  • Provision and installation of the displayed processes in the BPMN engine (central platform)
  • Connection of interfaces to other systems such as the customer management system
  • Development or implementation of surrounding services
  • Integration of RPA bots into the process landscape and replacement e.g. by API services
  • Training of your employees
  • Introduction and support of the change process

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