Big Data BBQ 2021 - Talks about Data and AI meet Networking and BBQ

Everyone was so happy to get together in person again for the annual Big Data BBQ at the MAFINEX technology center in Mannheim on 24 Sept. One hundred attendees enjoyed networking, delicious BBQ* and expert talks at the fully -still limited by the pandemic- booked event this year.

The Big Data BBQ is an annual PyData Südwest get-together hosted by KÖNIGSWEG. The event features industry and academic expert talks on cutting edge data and AI topics. The presentations include best practices and use cases from practice as well as the latest findings from research.

The audience enjoyed the talks about Natural Language Processing in legal (Dr. Benjamin Werthmann, Anwalt RAILS), improving efficiency and power consumption of deep learning solutions at Medizinische Fakultät Mannheim (Kim Hee, UMM), optimizing routes with open source (Prof. Martin Christen, FHNW Basel), parallelization with Dask (Florian Jetter, Coiled), explainability of AI (Larissa Haas, sovanta), super-resolution microscopy with deep learning (Lucas-Raphael Müller, EMBL), efficient problem solving (Simon Pressler, KÖNIGSWEG) and why HeidelbergCement loves Open Source (Christoph Deil, HeidelbergCement).

With the Big Data BBQ in cooperation with NEXT MANNHEIM, KÖNIGSWEG is pleased to create an environment where everyone interested in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Python can meet and exchange ideas. The close exchange with the community helps us as a boutique consultancy to implement client projects even better and to turn know-how into added value.

PyData Southwest is the local chapter of the global PyData network with more than 150,000 Data & AI experts in 62 countries, initiated by KÖNIGSWEG in 2017. PyData Southwest hosts regular meetups, participation is free, and everyone is welcome, regardless of their background.

We would also like to thank our partners Python Software Verband e.V., Netzwerk Smartproduction and BWCon for their support.

A more detailed retrospective is available here

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