PyData Südwest

KÖNIGSWEG supports NumFOCUS in fostering the PyData community - furthermore we participate actively by curating and organizing PyData Meetups in Heidelberg, Karlrsuhe and Mannheim.
PyData – an education and information program by NumFOCUS – aims at promoting data science and open source on a global scale. So far, 121 PyData Meetups and some conferences have been hosted worldwide in 47 different countries.

PyData Südwest (engl. South-West) takes place alternately in Mannheim, Heidelberg, and Karlsruhe. The Meetup provides a platform to developers as well as users of data analysis tools - not only to network, but also in order to exchange and discuss issues around data science.

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We are currently planning events for 2022. Join us on Meetup to stay up to date with the latest news and information.

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Past Events


Pydata Südwest October 2019
PyData Südwest April 2019
PyData Südwest November 2018
PyData Südwest September 2018


PyData Südwest November 2021
PyData Südwest February 2020
Pydata Südwest January 2020
Pydata Südwest November 2019
PyData Südwest June 2019
PyData Südwest April 2019