PyData Südwest

KÖNIGSWEG supports NumFOCUS in further expanding the PyData community and is actively involved in curating and organizing PyData meetups in southwestern Germany. PyData is an educational program of the non-profit organization NumFOCUS to promote Data Science and Open Source. There are 121 PyData Meetups worldwide, as well as several PyData conferences in 47 different countries.

The PyData Südwest Meetup takes place alternately in the cities of Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Mannheim. It offers users and developers of data analysis tools the space to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

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Past Events


PyData Südwest December 2023
Big PyData BBQ #5
PyData Südwest August 2023
PyData Südwest June 2023
PyData Südwest October 2022
PyData Südwest November 2021
PyData Südwest February 2020
Pydata Südwest January 2020
Pydata Südwest November 2019
PyData Südwest June 2019
PyData Südwest April 2019


PyData Heilbronn #1 @ IPAIPyData Karlsruhe #8
Pydata Südwest October 2019
Pydata Südwest October 2019
PyData Südwest April 2019
PyData Südwest November 2018
PyData Südwest September 2018


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